Leaving Taiwan – What Will I Miss?

“I really miss joking….and having people answer my questions…and people not cringing when you try to hug them. There are a lot of things I love about Taiwan but I really miss expressiveness and touch-feely-ness. Direct answers. Sometimes it makes me feel so lonely and I consider leaving Taiwan.” – Nina Bo Bena Interesting observations […]

Expat Tales – Adventures in the Mystery of Acupuncture

“You’re going to feel this throughout your body”, he warned. I braced myself by sticking my thumbnail into my forefinger, anticipating a slight surge of pain. But what I got was more like a lightning bolt of energy shooting from my knee straight down to my foot. I jumped. They restrained me. I didn’t cry. […]

Exploring Taiwan – Scenes From a Taiwan Hakka Temple

Yimin Temple - Taiwan

In the northwest corner of a small island in the south China Sea there is a small, charming temple. It’s rarely mentioned in travel guidebooks and has never made TripAdvisor’s “Top 10” list. This is a Taiwan Hakka temple created by the Hakka people, a group who migrated across the strait from southern China to […]

Taiwan Ghost Month – Invasion of Seriously Angry Ghosts

Cheng Huang Temple - Hsinchu

“It’s late at night and she’s sound asleep. She begins to dream about someone controlling her movements and awakens suddenly. When she opens her eyes, she sees the figure of an old man standing near her bed, quietly watching her. Unable to move her body, she’s terrified. Her thoughts race but she’s powerless. Finally, her […]