My Top 10 Most Influential Travel Bloggers in the World List

I saw a blog post the other day, a very extensive and detailed list naming the top ONE THOUSAND travel bloggers in the world. The list was broken down into categories: solo female travelers, couples, families, etc. And despite my thorough search through each list, I couldn’t find my name anywhere. Maybe next year they’ll […]

Time to Escape the Threat of “The Donald”? Here’s how…

I recently read an article on regarding the potential Vice Presidential candidates who may be asked to run on a Trump ticket. Most don’t want it. Some have even responded with a “Hahahahahahaha!”. Now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both dropped out, it looks like it’ll be The Donald vs Hillary. And […]

Blogging 101 – Top Ten Don’t List for Beginners

Blogging 101 – Top Ten Don’t List for Beginners After 3 months of brainstorming, strategizing, analyzing, overanalyzing, obsessing, and driving my web designer crazy, my web site is finally up and running. The only content is a brief bio and some contact information. It’s 4 am now and I can’t sleep, my mind whirling with […]