House Sitting in Guatemala – Fears of a Single White Female

(A cautionary tale of house sitting in Guatemala…) The Guatemalan cop standing in the road up ahead motioned for me to pull over to the right-hand shoulder. “Damn, just what I DON’T need!” I muttered under my breath as my head throbbed from a serious caffeine-withdrawal headache. I quickly chewed the remains of my granola […]

House Sitting Pros and Cons – Reality of the House Sitting Lifestyle

I woke up this morning and couldn’t figure out where I live! One of the horrors of this lifestyle – some house sitting pros and cons. I knew where I was – in my temporary bedroom in a beautiful seafront Georgian apartment in Worthing, England. But I couldn’t quite remember where I actually LIVE. Where […]

Game Plan for 2017 – Exploring House Sitting

(A preview of 2017 travel plans and a look into exploring house sitting!) “A dream without a plan is just a wish.” – Katherine Patterson Inspired by my blogger-friend Jayne’s recent article on her 2017 travel plans (a really amazing plan!), I’ve decided to tweak my dreams into something more resembling an actual plan… kind […]