An Expat Tale of Beginning Again – Living in Nice France

Five long months of planning, plotting and organizing for my move from Taiwan to Nice, and I’ve finally arrived! I’m living in NICE! I still pinch myself almost every day. Most evenings I wander down to the promenade for sunset, listening to my Spotify playlist while I soak in the beauty of my new life on the […]

The Adventure of Change – the Rest is Still Unwritten

I was sitting at a café recently in my hometown of Zumbrota, Minnesota, having lunch with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We are as opposite as two people can be, but our friendship has endured for 35+ years and is stronger than ever. Our lives have taken different paths but in our early mid-50’s […]

Expat Fears – Aren’t You Ever Scared?

“Aren’t you ever scared?”  they ask me. (Those vague, mysterious expat fears…) “Scared of what?” I reply. They can’t really answer that. They just have a sense that my expat lifestyle should be scary but no specific reasons why. I recently spent a few weeks in my hometown of Zumbrota, Minnesota and was able to connect […]