House Sitting in Guatemala – Fears of a Single White Female

(A cautionary tale of house sitting in Guatemala…) The Guatemalan cop standing in the road up ahead motioned for me to pull over to the right-hand shoulder. “Damn, just what I DON’T need!” I muttered under my breath as my head throbbed from a serious caffeine-withdrawal headache. I quickly chewed the remains of my granola […]

Airhosta – Perfect for Funding Your Nomadic Lifestyle

Nice or Guatemala? That’s the burning question. Once I pack up my life in Taiwan, where to next? Nice, France or Antigua, Guatemala? They’re very different places. But as I continue to throw darts at a world map, these two darts seem to stick. I’ve never even been to Guatemala but from everything I’ve read […]

House Sitting Pros and Cons – Reality of the House Sitting Lifestyle

I woke up this morning and couldn’t figure out where I live! One of the horrors of this lifestyle – some house sitting pros and cons. I knew where I was – in my temporary bedroom in a beautiful seafront Georgian apartment in Worthing, England. But I couldn’t quite remember where I actually LIVE. Where […]

Narita Airport Layover – Making the most of your time in Tokyo

Last year, I wasted six hours of my life in a lengthy Narita Airport layover and proclaimed it: “THE WORLD’S MOST BORING AIRPORT FOR A LONG LAYOVER” Sadly, Narita Airport is old and it IS incredibly boring, offering little in the way of food or entertainment. More recently, I had an even longer layover (25-hours) in Narita, […]

8 Helpful TBEX Tips for New Bloggers

Last Fall, I returned home exhausted from an action-packed 14 days in the Philippines after attending my first TBEX conference. For those of you non-bloggers, TBEX stands for “Travel Blogger Exchange” and is a conference bringing together travel bloggers and travel industry professionals from around the world. TBEX Manila was sponsored by the Tourism Promotions […]

Asian Budget Airlines – and why NOK made me wanna NOK myself in the head

One of the beautiful things about living in Asia is the abundance of Asian Budget Airlines that have been springing up over the past decade, making travel out of Taipei cheap and convenient. I’ve had the pleasure of flying some of the good ones and had frustration when flying the bad. Cebu Pacific is next […]

My Top 10 Most Influential Travel Bloggers in the World List

I saw a blog post the other day, a very extensive and detailed list naming the top ONE THOUSAND travel bloggers in the world. The list was broken down into categories: solo female travelers, couples, families, etc. And despite my thorough search through each list, I couldn’t find my name anywhere. Maybe next year they’ll […]