European Airline Customer Service – a Chicken vs Egg Thing?

This is a tale of three airlines with three different airline customer service nightmares: delays, cancellations, and missed connections. One occurred in the US while the other two happened in Europe. Looking back on each situation it makes me wonder which came first – horrible European airline customer service or extremely low expectations by European […]

Narita Airport Layover – Making the most of your time in Tokyo

Last year, I wasted six hours of my life in a lengthy Narita Airport layover and proclaimed it: “THE WORLD’S MOST BORING AIRPORT FOR A LONG LAYOVER” Sadly, Narita Airport is old and it IS incredibly boring, offering little in the way of food or entertainment. More recently, I had an even longer layover (25-hours) in Narita, […]

20 Travel Gifts and Gadgets for Travel Addicts

It’s that time of year again when the shopping madness begins and you lose your mind trying to find something perfect – perfect travel gifts. And then you lose your cool stuck in the dreaded Black Friday crowds – the annual tradition when Americans spend the day giving thanks for “stuff”, stuff themselves with too much […]

Asian Budget Airlines – and why NOK made me wanna NOK myself in the head

One of the beautiful things about living in Asia is the abundance of Asian Budget Airlines that have been springing up over the past decade, making travel out of Taipei cheap and convenient. I’ve had the pleasure of flying some of the good ones and had frustration when flying the bad. Cebu Pacific is next […]