Top Ten Taiwan Foods – Do Experts Agree with CNN?

CNN Travel conducted a survey among their frequent travelers, asking for opinions on the best food in the world. The surprising winner – Taiwan! A few weeks after the world-traveler food survey, CNN published a “Top 40″ list and I spent hours discussing favorite Taiwan foods with my adult English students. Taiwanese people are truly passionate […]

Humans of the World – meet Deborah Quigley

One day in Calcutta, I had one of those Oprah Winfrey “aha” moments while wandering past Mother Teresa’s mission, and I began a very personal mission to get more involved in humanitarian causes. The following year I joined a group on a trip to Cambodia, organized by Airline Ambassadors International and Deborah Quigley. Ironically, we […]

Humans of the World – meet Bob Policastro of Angela’s House

I was a naïve 20-something inexperienced world-traveler when Bob and I first met. We had a shared fascination with Nepal, so we organized a group of 4 other adventurous souls and explored the country. We spent a few weeks dodging rhinos from a dugout canoe, trekking Annapurna south, and bartering with street vendors in Delhi. […]

Mae Hong Son Loop – Northern Thailand’s Best Ride

Since moving to Taiwan a few years ago, my primary transportation is my scooter and weekends are often spent cruising mountain roads and exploring small villages. This newfound love of riding has opened up new doors when exploring other areas of Asia and especially northern Thailand and the Mae Hong Son Loop! Last Spring my […]