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Andi on Adventure – Version 2.0

When I first began writing this blog a few years ago, I intended to focus on “travel with a humanitarian spin”, creating my own unique niche. I have a passion for both travel and humanitarian causes, but I realized quite quickly that passion does not equal authority. So, although I’ve done some volunteer work in the humanitarian field, I don’t have enough authority to write about it. Instead, I focused on writing about interesting people doing meaningful things, and the series evolved into “Humans of the World”.

Another thing I quickly learned: write what you know! 

It turns out, I know a lot about travel and I’m learning a lot about the Expat Lifestyle. Seems simplest to focus on writing on topics that I actually know something about! So, instead of trashing all the articles I’ve written that don’t fit neatly into those areas, I’ve arranged them in “Best Of”.

While this is not necessarily my BEST work, it’s what’s left of Andi on Adventure – Version 1.0 that did NOT end up in the trash.

Hope you enjoy!

Humans of the World – Ordinary people with extraordinary stories!

Christa Remington of THE Mission – When I met Christa in Haiti, I thought she was the “Doogie Howser” of international relief. This woman is motivated to do amazing things through her organization that provides educational scholarships for Haitian children.

Bob Policastro of Angela’s House – Bob and I experienced Nepal together when we were young 20-somethings. Our lives moved in very different directions and he went on to found “Angela’s House” to honor the memory of his daughter. What a great guy!

Deborah Quigley – We met on a humanitarian trip in Cambodia many years ago. Since then, Deborah has flown about a million miles and touched a million lives. This woman has energy!

Jonny Duncan the Backpackingman – The man who can’t stop traveling! He’s been on the road for over 20 years and travels to the most remote and interesting places.

Jayne of Blue Planet Nomads – She’s a woman with a plan! This year, her plans include exploring the remote corners of the world like Antarctica!

Houssaine from Disabled Tourist Guide Houssaine doesn’t let polio stop him from making a difference in this world. He has created an organization dedicated to helping disabled tourists experience his home country of Morocco.

Faith Coyne of Faith’s Travels – She’s a 20-something nomad who’s been traveling the world for the past two years with her mother and disabled sister, Grace. This family is so inspiring someone should make a movie about them!

Edward G III of Reborn Stronger – Eddie was a promising college athlete when he broke his neck in a freak accident. He’s recovered and has now been “reborn stronger”. He’s a man with an infectious smile and a passion for life!

Eveline Bingaman – Eveline became fascinated by China on her first visit to the country now uses her degree in anthropology to formulate plans to alleviate poverty in the most remote areas of the country.

Trek Thunder Kelly “The Most Interesting Man in the World” award (if it existed!) would go to this man! He’s a world-traveler, photographer, author, explorer, politician, humanitarian. I met him in Haiti where he introduced me to the mystery of voodoo!

Daniel Julien – While living in a tent camp after the Haitian earthquake, Daniel started his own relief organization to aid children who had lost their parents. He now runs an orphanage and has become “Dad” to a lot of children.

Flashbacks – Because I found my old travel journals from the mid-80’s!

A Miracle in Athens Remember the time before Google existed? Travel was difficult, but sometimes you get lucky and things just seem to work out!

Snapshots of Nepal I was young and naive and Nepal was intense and fascinating! Here’s a look a three of the more memorable stories from that life-changing trip a million years ago.

A Baltic Love Story Serendipity. I love that word. This is a story of serendipity on a cruise ship in the Baltic Sea. Sort of a Danielle Steele romantic travel story!

How NOT to Visit Cinque Terre – Why did I end up sleeping on a bench in the Pisa train station at 2am? Because I’m an idiot sometimes…

Life Lessons from Turkey – This is the story of how I found myself crying in an alley in Istanbul. A sad story? Maybe…

Return to Haiti – In Search of the Perfect Papaya – After the devastating earthquake in 2010, I returned to Haiti and met some interesting characters. We rented a truck and headed into the more remote areas outside Port au Prince.

The Mystery of Haitian Voodoo – There were very few non-Haitians at this voodoo ceremony and I wasn’t really sure what to expect! Were tourists on the menu?

Tea Time in Sikkim – A journey to one of the most remote places I’ve been – high in the Himalayas in the “village” of Dzongri.

Musings of a Blogger – Random thoughts that seemed worth sharing!

Finding Beauty in the Storm – One day there was a hurricane approaching Taiwan, but we drove our scooters into the mountains anyway. Mother Nature can be quite beautiful when she’s angry!

Bucket List Guilt – I was in a deep and reflective mood when I wrote this one. I blame Angelina Jolie for that!

Top Ten Travel Bloggers – These are the people who I idolize! They inspire me to keep going and give me hope that someday I’ll be just like them!

Escaping Donald Trump – Written before I could wrap my mind around a Trump presidency. Valid advice for those who still may want to escape.

Chick Flicks – Movies often open up the world and show us what’s possible. Here’s my list of favorite “Chick Flicks” that may inspire you to travel.

Blogging 101 – The first blog post on Andi on Adventure! I was terrified to hit “Publish” on this one but I faced my fears and did it!



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