5 Idyllic Destinations to Escape to This Year

Looking for a quieter getaway as the year draws to an end? Escape the rush of daily life and consider one of these five extremely idyllic destinations to visit during your next trip abroad.

The Seychelles

This archipelago situated in the Indian Ocean really is a dream destination. The Seychelles are the closest thing to heaven on Earth – there are 115 islands here, all of which boast powder white sands, gorgeous glistening waters and luscious scenery that is unique to anywhere else in the world.

The Maldives and Bora Bora are some of the more popular alternatives, but the Seychelles have the added attraction of very few tourists. You’ll be able to fully enjoy this paradise without any distractions. For something a little more upbeat, try scuba diving – there are shipwrecks, caves and plenty of incredible natural beauty beneath the surface, too.

There are also opportunities for amazing hiking around many of the Seychelles’ islands. Consider it – with so much natural beauty across the archipelago, it makes sense to go out and explore.

Stunningly beautiful and so quiet! (Photo credit Kevin Bosc on Unsplash)

Railay, Thailand

Stray from the norm when visiting Thailand and sail to this gorgeous spot for a true island getaway. Railay, made popular by 1999 film The Beach, is considerably busy at certain points of the year – but nothing can detract from its beauty. Towering limestone cliffs cut Railay off from the mainland, meaning it’s only reachable by boat. So, if you want a true escape, it’s the best place for it.

And once you’re here, you can enjoy calm, lapping waters upon golden sands, as well as a very relaxed and tangible culture to experience. There’s a Jamaican influence here, with Caribbean and Thai cultures merging to create one of the most unique destinations not only in Thailand but also in the entire world.

Whether you’re looking for hedonistic parties or simply somewhere to escape the bustle of everyday life, Railay is a slice of paradise which caters to every traveler.

Beautiful Botswana! (Photo credit Amaryllis Liampoti on Unsplash)

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Ever tried a safari? It’s certainly a very unique travel experience, and the Okavango Delta in Botswana is sometimes underrated and absolutely deserves your attention. Gorgeous sprawling plains and deep blue waters make for an Eden-like setting complete with thousands of animals roaming freely.

Whether it’s your first safari or not, the Okavango Delta is arguably unparalleled by any other destination in Africa and beyond. Best of all, you’ll be able to see the Big Five here – buffalo, rhinos, leopards, African elephants and lions all live in abundance here. Whether you explore on foot, by car or by boat, you certainly won’t be underwhelmed.

Magical Venice! Photo credit Candré Mandawe on Unsplash)

Venice, Italy

It may sound like a cliché choice for some, but there’s simply no beating Venice for a romantic, idyllic getaway – especially with the one you love. There’s something enchanting about the sunlit canals lining the city’s rustic blocks, with many opportunities for dinner over candlelight overlooking the water.

The romance here is almost tangible, and so visiting with your significant other is recommended. But Venice provides a rewarding travel experience no matter who you’re with, including an abundance of sights such as St. Mark’s Square, as well as some delicious Venetian dishes to discover and enjoy during your stay.

There’s also a unique culture in Venice to be uncovered. The influence of the Italian Renaissance, as well as the Byzantine Era, makes this a very special part of Italy. Venice actually has a lot more to offer than just romance.

Limestone islands of Halong Bay. (Photo credit Ammie Ngo on Unsplash)

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Perhaps one of the most unique destinations in the world is Vietnam’s Halong Bay. This is where you’ll find limestone pillars shrouded in rich forests, surrounding sprawling emerald waters and isolated beaches to escape to. It’s a popular location for diving – recommended by 1Cover as one of the most rewarding activities you could try Hiking and rock climbing are also popular in this area, but if you simply want to enjoy your surroundings, that’s also a great option.

Tours are available here to show you some of the more interesting and peculiar natural features of Halong Bay, such as some odd-shaped islands as well as secluded bays and beaches to enjoy during your stay.

These are just five of the most idyllic destinations to consider visiting before the year is out. Got some suggestions of your own? Leave them in the comments below.

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(This is a collaborative post contributed by Sammy Jones.)

(Featured image photo credit Stephane Juban on Unsplash)


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  1. Great suggestions! I’m living in Thailand so Vietnam is definitely on the list. Railay is gorgeous and has quickly become a go to spot for us when my husband and I need a beach.

    1. Thanks, Rhena! Vietnam is definitely a great option for you since you’re living in Thailand. Halong Bay and Sapa were a couple of my favorite places when I lived in Hanoi!

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