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On a rainy Sunday afternoon in Nice, my feet feel a bit itchy so I pull up a Skyscanner flight search and type in “Nice” to “Everywhere”. My Skyscanner search pulls up the cheapest flights from Nice to anywhere and leads me to Budapest, a place I’ve always been curious about. Excited by the dirt cheap fare on Wow Airlines, I jump at the chance to see Budapest and start to book my flights leaving in just two days. But the Wow Airlines website has issues with my phone number and it’s impossible to actually book my flight without a valid phone number. So, I return to Skyscanner and find a Plan B – BARCELONA! Surprisingly, I find a dirt cheap flight on Vueling Airlines ($81 USD round-trip) and book it! Finally, I’m heading to a place that’s been on my bucket list for years! So, here are a few Barcelona tips to make the most of a surprising, spontaneous getaway and find the magic in this beautiful city!

Barcelona Hotel Deals?

Once I start researching where to stay in Barcelona I find there are NO hotel deals available! I’m usually an expert in finding travel deals but Barcelona baffles me. The options are either top-end hotels (expensive) or dirt-cheap hostels. It seems Barcelona lacks the basic, one-star, bare-but-clean hotel option.

So, thirty years after my first European backpacker hostel experience, I decided to try it again and I book A DORM ROOM in a hostel! Agoda has a deal for just $64 USD total for four nights at St. Christopher’s Inn. The hostel is perfectly located near Placa Catalunya and a great price. I figure at that price, if it’s completely unbearable I’ll just leave and maybe find a different area of Barcelona to stay in.

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Amazing Barcelona bakeries!

On my first morning in Barcelona, I let myself just wander aimlessly. That’s one thing I love about exploring a new city –  wandering while I let the city reveal its magic. On that morning, I stumble upon the most amazing hole-in-the-wall bakery with magical white chocolate croissants.

As I look around I realize that Barcelona’s bakeries are even better than the French bakeries in my Nice neighborhood! So I indulge in a huge white chocolate croissant and wash it down with a cup of Americano, confident I’ll walk off the calories while exploring the city. I’ve also read that Barcelona brunches are amazing. I’ll check out the Barcelona brunch scene next time!

(Barcelona tip: best place for white chocolate croissants is El Mos bakery located on Carrer Dels Tallers.)

Barcelona tips
Barcelona bakery

Surprisingly, I’m not immediately blown away by Barcelona.

On the first day, I’m just not feeling the magic of Barcelona. The sky is slightly gloomy on this March day and I’m tired and sleep-deprived from my restless night in the dorm. I walk through the narrow streets of Las Ramblas, take a stroll down to the port, and stop at Placa Reial for a cappuccino and some people-watching.

Across the plaza, some Barcelona football fans are warming up for that evening’s home game against Manchester. They’re loud, drunk, obnoxious football fans. As the afternoon wears on and game time nears, the city is filled with drunk Barcelona fans screaming at Manchester’s drunk fans.

For dinner, I find an open-air cafe along Ramblas, order a large beer, and watch drunk football fans stagger by. After dinner, I stop by a few nearby jazz bars in search of live music. But, sadly, there is no live music this night – there’s a home football game so no one cares about music. Except for me.

I stroll back toward Placa de Catalunya near my hostel but I really don’t want to go back to that horrid dorm room without a few drinks, so I stop at Cafe Zurich and it’s a great find! With red wine for 2.85 EUR and outdoor tables ideal for people-watching, it’s perfection!

(Barcelona tip: Cafe Zurich is located at Placa Catalunya near the El Triangle Shopping Center.)

Magical Sagrada Familia stuns me!

The next morning, the sun comes out and the sky is blue. I fill up on strong coffee, determined to attack some of the highlights of Barcelona with a bit more enthusiasm. After a long walk through local neighborhoods, I finally arrive on the corner across from Sagrada Familia and gasp in awe. (“Holy S**t!”) Even from a distance, I sense this is a magical place. and one of the top sights in Barcelona. I join the long line for tickets not even caring how much it costs to get in and opt for the entrance ticket plus audio guide for 26 Euros. It’s TOTALLY worth the price of admission!

This huge Roman Catholic church was designed by famous local artist/architect Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926). Work began in 1882 and at the time of  Gaudi’s death in 1926, less than 25% of the construction had been completed. Construction finally reached the halfway point in 2010 and should be finished in 2026.

Before walking in, I spend some time outside admiring the detail in the carvings above the entrance door. Biblical stories are told within each of the intricate carvings lining the facade.

Barcelona tips
Carvings outside the entrance door.

And then I walk into the church and it blows my mind! Sagrada Familia is a truly stunning place!

Finally, I’m feeling the magic of Barcelona!

I’ve been to a lot of churches and cathedrals in my time and this is definitely my favorite. Better than the Duomo in Florence and possibly even better than St. Paul’s in Rome?

Gaudi was a fan of incorporating nature into his work and designed the huge interior pillars to represent trees and branches. There is symbolism in every design detail so purchasing the audio guide is highly recommended. The explanation of Gaudi’s vision makes the visit so much more meaningful. This is an example of the Catalan Modernism art movement at it’s finest!

Barcelona tips
Stunning views of the magical Sagrada Familia.
Barcelona tips
Sagrada Familia jaw-dropping interior

Another Barcelona tip – this city is made for walking!

After having my mind blown at Sagrada Familia, I decide to walk somewhere near the Arc de Triomf and manage to find it without Google maps or GPS. Surprisingly, Barcelona is extremely easy to navigate on foot. The metro is efficient, but for tourists, walking allows you to get a real feel for the city.

Walking through the local neighborhoods en route to the Arc, I notice Catalan flags proudly displayed in many windows and on balconies. Many of the people wear yellow ribbons showing their support for the separatist movement and defection from Spain. (The people of Barcelona are Catalan and have a very different language and culture than the rest of Spain. There is a strong separatist movement in favor of defecting from Spain and creating the Catalan Republic.)

Once I reach the Arc de Triomf, I keep on walking and discover a city filled with parks, promenades, and places to just hang out and relax.

Barcelona tips
The plaza surrounding Arc de Triomf. Barcelona, Spain.

Another Barcelona Discovery – Beautiful Barcelona beaches!

On my last morning, I hit the coast and explore the port and beaches of this coastal Mediterranean city. Outdoor waterfront seafood restaurants and small cafes line the port area. Across from the port. the plaza is lined with North African, Indian, and Pakistani salesmen selling knock-off Nike’s, cheap sunglasses, and “designer” handbags.

Beyond the plaza, I finally get my first glimpse of a Barcelona beach – a beautiful wide stretch of fine sand. Outdoor cafes line the plaza across from the beach and I imagine the area on a warm summer day, filled with sun worshippers, volleyball players, and water sports enthusiasts. Even on a cloudy Spring day, I notice the sailboats and SUPers out on the rough waters of the Mediterranean.

Barcelona's beautiful beach on a hot summer day!
Barcelona beach on a hot summer day

Barcelona tip – Explore Montserrat’s mountaintop monastery!

Located about an hour north of the city, Montserrat makes a great day trip from Barcelona. Although the tourist office offers day trips to Montserrat for about 70 Euros, it’s very easy to get there on your own for 20 Euros round trip. The organized tours are typically half-day tours, which is probably enough if you’re not into hiking. However, if you are a hiker, one full day is not enough to do the complete Montserrat hike.

The entire area is one huge national park with great trails and absolutely stunning views! For hikers wishing to spend the night and explore more, Hotel Abat Cisneros has 80 rooms and a restaurant in an ancient stone hall.  Fortunately, there are also a few other bars and restaurants in town for a post-hike beverage.

Barcelona tips
View from the hiking trail above the monastery in Montserrat, Spain.

One Final Barcelona Surprise – Vueling Airlines!

I usually am not a fan of European low-cost carriers after having some horrid experiences with Easy Jet. Based on that, I had really low expectations of Vueling and booked them only for the cheap price. Before getting to the airport, I checked their carry-on baggage restrictions and got out the tape measure to make sure I’d be in compliance.

Shockingly, I found Vueling to be the opposite of Easy Jet. Check-in was quick and painless, the flights were on time, and there was no “bag police” at the gate like Easy Jet where they force you to stuff your purse inside your carry-on to comply with their strick ONE BAG policy. Vueling felt like a “real” airline at a bargain price!

(Final Barcelona tip:  if you’ve got a choice between Easy Jet or Vueling, always choose Vueling!)

I’ve got a few more sites on my “To Do” list for the next time I visit this magical, romantic city! Also, check out Barcelona Travel Blog for a comprehensive list of highlights of the city!

Casa Battlo – an apartment building masterpiece built by Gaudi. I visited the outside but a full Barcelona Gaudi tour is on my list for next time.

Park Guell – another of Gaudi’s masterpieces, this huge park complex features Gaudi’s dragon sculpture and offers stunning views of the Barcelona skyline. Another must-see when visiting Barcelona.

GraciaExplore the barrio of Gracia located just north of downtown Barcelona.

Live Music at Sidecar and Jamboree – live music venues located near the Placa Reial.

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(Barcelona beach Photo credit: on Visual Hunt / CC BY)



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  1. Hi I know Barca well and you pretty much nailed it, a really comprehensive review of a great city, the only thing to add maybe is that some of the side streets off the Ramblas to the right nearer the sea can be dodgy after dark and that Barcelonetta, the Olympic village they built in 1992, just off the beach, is now a lovely neighbourhood, a bit trendy etc but still a place people live and work.
    Incidentally, more expensive to get there but if your number comes up, another place I’d recommend to anybody is Buenos Aires. J

    1. Thanks, John. I really appreciate the tips. I hope to go back to Barcelona sometime soon since it’s only a one hour flight. I’ll make sure to explore more of the Barcelonetta area next time! And Buenos Aires is on my “to do” list – someday!!

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