Exploring Bristol – Top 7 Things To Do in Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge

I threw a dart at the world map and it landed on Bristol, England. As I explore my new neighborhood, I find so many things to do in Bristol.

That’s pretty much how I ended up here. After applying for what seemed like a million gigs on Trusted Housesitters, finally the dart landed on Bristol, it stuck, and I secured my first house sit! (Yahoo!!)

But, when I arrived in Bristol, I realized I had done very little research. I knew it was located somewhere west of London and very near The Cotswolds, but that was about it.  So, I arrived in this fascinating city somewhat ignorant and stumbled my way through the city to find some amazing things.

After spending a few weeks exploring, I’ve come up with my top 7 things to do in Bristol…

1.) Hang out in Cafes

England is well known as a tea-loving country, but thankfully they’re also really into coffee. There is a Cafe Nero, Costa Coffee, Starbucks, or random coffee shop on almost every block in downtown Bristol. Many of the old, historic buildings have been renovated and now house quaint cafes or quirky pubs.

I quickly became addicted to Cafe Nero, kind of Italian inspired with much more atmosphere than Starbucks. They serve all kinds of teas, coffees, sandwiches, and snacks and usually have worn leather sofas and comfortable armchairs, perfect for lingering and people-watching while sipping a latte – one of my favorite things to do in Bristol!

Things to do in Bristol
St. Nicholas area cafe

2.) Stroll through Castle Park

Located just south of the City Centre (where most buses drop off) is Castle Park, a beautiful park running along the River Avon – a nice green escape from urban chaos. In this park, you can also witness evidence of “the Bristol Blitz”, a series of World War II attacks by the Germans that left the castle, St. Peter’s Church, and much of the Bristol area in ruins.

The park is kind of a memorial to those who lost their lives in the war –  the shell of an old castle destroyed in the blitz, a tree dedicated to Anne Frank, and five silver birch trees planted as a tribute to those who died during the D-day Landings in Normandy.

Nice place to stroll along the river, remember the past, or just hang out and watch the world go by.

Things to do in Bristol
Castle Park, Bristol

3.) Browse St. Nicholas Market

From Castle Park, wander west along the river and take a right at Bristol Bridge – you’ll get to one of my favorite areas of this city, St. Nicholas Market. One of the oldest market areas in town dating back to 1743, it was named one of the ten best markets in the UK. The Georgian architecture in this area is stunning and the indoor market sells everything from Buddhist trinkets to wool ponchos to scented soaps.

The areas bordering The Exchange Building also host a variety of outdoor markets like the “Street Food Market” on Wine Street and the “Nails Market” on Corn Street. For a complete list of markets, dates, and times, see the Visit Bristol website.

The St. Nicholas Indoor Market is located on Corn Street and is open Monday – Saturday 9:30 – 5.

Things to do in Bristol
St. Nicholas Market

4.) Visit Bristol Cathedral

Southwest of the St. Nicholas Market area is the magical and majestic Bristol Cathedral. I’m not usually blown away by churches but this one fascinated me. It’s really OLD! I was so intrigued by this place I visited three times and spent time trying to capture its magic on film.

Founded in 1140 as St. Augustine’s Abbey, parts of the original building still remain. The abbey became a cathedral in 1543 after King Henry VIII broke away from Rome and founded the Church of England. This massive cathedral is full of mysterious ancient carvings, effigies, and interesting statues like the naked figure of King Edward II. After three solo visits, I really need to take an official tour to fully absorb all of the details and fascinating history in this cathedral.

Guided tours are available on Saturdays at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Check their website for a schedule of current events.

( For more fascinating photos, check  Facebook.)

Things to do in Bristol
Bristol Cathedral
Things to do in Bristol
Bristol Cathedral

5.) Cruise the Waterfront

I discover the waterfront area on a beautiful January day and spend hours just walking and exploring. This area has tons of pubs and restaurants, most with outdoor seating areas perfect for hanging out and watching people while sipping a beer.

One of my favorite discoveries is The Grain Barge, an old ship that’s been converted to a floating bar and restaurant. After a really long walk to the Clifton Suspension Bridge (see #7 below), I stop at the Grain Barge to rehydrate with a well-deserved beer. Since it’s mid-afternoon and I’m the only person in the joint, I chat with the Ukranian expat bartender who talks me into an impromptu “beer tasting” of some of the local brews. He pours, I sip. And I must admit, they’ve got some really tasty local brews!

Things to do in Bristol
The Grain Barge

6.) Tour ss Great Britain

Docked just across the river from The Grain Barge is the magnificent ss Great Britain. Many consider this ship one of the most historic in the world. The ss Great Britain is the great-great-grandmother of modern ships and was a radical experiment when she was christened by Prince Albert in 1843. The innovative engineering was dreamed up by an eccentric local guy named Isambard Kingdom Brunel and is the first luxury ocean liner built of iron.

The ss Great Britain offers regular ship tours and historic storytelling, bringing its fascinating past to life. The ship is also a popular venue for weddings and parties.

Check their website for a current schedule of special events. 

Things to do in Bristol
ss Great Britain – Bristol

7.) Walk across Clifton Suspension Bridge

On my final day in Bristol, I decided to challenge myself with a walk to the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Buses run from City Centre to the bridge, but the map makes it appear very walkable. Unfortunately, the map doesn’t show the steep hills along the way! It is way more challenging than you might expect so if you’re not somewhat fit, take the bus!

This iconic bridge was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel – the same talented and eccentric guy who designed the ss Great Britain. He was only 24 when, in 1830, he won a bridge design competition. The bridge was still not completed when he died in 1859 but funds were raised in order to complete it as a tribute to him.

Getting there: From city center buses 8 or 9 or the City Sightseeing Bus

Cost: Free if you’re crossing on foot or bike. Cars pay 1 GBP each.


Things to do in Bristol
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Things to do in Bristol
Clifton Suspension Bridge


All of these sites are easily walkable (well, kind of) from the city center. But, if you’re not into walking, you have a few options:

Ferry: Check Bristol Ferry.com for pricing options and schedules. 

Bus: Bristol InSight, the open-top double-decker bus. Check their website for prices and schedules.

There many more things to do in Bristol. For a deeper look, check out The Crazy Tourist’s suggestions for exploring Bristol in “25 Best Things to do in Bristol”!

Enjoy your time wandering through Bristol’s charming old streets. Then stop at a quirky pub for a pint and soak up the history of this fascinating city! 



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