My Top 10 Most Influential Travel Bloggers in the World List

I saw a blog post the other day, a very extensive and detailed list naming the top ONE THOUSAND travel bloggers in the world. The list was broken down into categories: solo female travelers, couples, families, etc. And despite my thorough search through each list, I couldn’t find my name anywhere. Maybe next year they’ll create a “50-something-American-expats-with-blonde-hair-teaching-English-in-Taiwan” category and I’ll crack the top ten. Yep, there’s always next year.

But as I perused this list that lacked any trace of my name, I did notice quite a few familiar names. It got me thinking about all the amazing travel blogger-connections I’ve made over the past 6 months and how much they’ve inspired and encouraged me along this journey. So, I decided to create my own list, but instead of ONE THOUSAND I’ll stick with the trusty (and often mocked) “Top 10 list”:

Top Ten Most Influential Travel Bloggers in the World – according to me  –  List

Dan Flying Solo</h


Snapshots and Stories – Faces and Places. Yeah, he knows he’s my idol and has been handling the pressure with amazing grace. I don’t think it’s gone to his head yet. Dan’s blog is filled with incredible photos and truly interesting, well-written stories about people and places. I love to put people before places, emotion and experiences above things, search out stories and try and promote social good in this world.”  You’ll never find a “Top 5 things to do in Bangkok” list on his blog.

My favorite post: “Brain Hemorrhages and Bucket Lists”

Adventurous Kate 

The solo female travel blog – Kate is a true rock star in the blogosphere. A 6-year veteran in the industry, she recently transitioned from being a full-time solo traveler and has now settled in New York. I must admit, I was a little slow to jump on the Kate fan bandwagon, maybe a little jealous of her success and not sure it was deserved. And then I saw a “Facebook Live” video she recently posted on her 32nd birthday and I saw someone humble, real, and genuinely grateful for her enormous success. I’m now a huge fan and will cheer for her as she transitions into whatever she’ll become.

My Favorite Posts: “Notes from the Brink of Age 32” and “10 Love Stories From My Travels”

Burger Abroad

“I’m a vegan solo full-time world traveler. I slowly wander the world, have mostly one-way conversations with animals and try to find interesting things to do between meals.” I love her sense of humor and her attitude. She’s a house-sitting nomad who’s sitting her way around the world and, since I’m currently researching house-sitting in Europe, I found her blog posts incredibly valuable. (She may even inspire me to turn into a part-time house-sitter vagabond.)

My favorite Post: “Lone Wolf: An Introvert on the Road”

Life in Transience

The World is Calling. I met Nikita in a Facebook group, “A Broken Backpack”, and then followed her to a spin-off group “Storytelling Bloggers”. Her focus is on storytelling and she avoids the typical “Top 10” or “packing” lists. Nikita dives into deeper ideas and surprising topics like “Thoughts While Nude Modelling for a Drawing Class” or “The Ghosts of Childhood Summers”.

My favorite Post: “The Ones Who Got Away”

(Update: She’s left the blogging world and is now focusing on creative writing pursuits…)

Roar Loud 

Adventure Near and Far. Cathy is a member of a Facebook “Over 40” blogger group and focuses on adventure travel with her husband as they hike, bike, and kayak their way around the world. This adventurous mother of 4 says she “shares with her readers tips, advice, and encouragement to find their strength and inner “ROAR”.”

My favorite Post: “The Summit of Kilimanjaro – A Life Changing Moment”

Blue Planet Nomads

Never too old for adventure. Jayne (another “oldie” in the “Over 40” group) and her husband did their first round-the-world trip in 2013 and have big plans for next year. Places like Antarctica, Africa, and the Trans-Mongolian Express are part of their very detailed epic adventure plan. Travel bloggers with a plan!

My favorite Post: “Travel Plans 2017” (This post inspired me to interview her for my “Humans of the World” series.)

Be My Travel Muse

 “The Path Less Taken”  Just like me, Kristin is an American expat who broke up with her old life back in 2013 and wrote a book about her experiences “Conquering Mountains – How to Solo Travel the World Fearlessly”. More recently, Kristin published a memoir of her incredible journey, “A Thousand New Beginnings”, and has inspired me to think about expanding my blog…into a book? (Maybe someday…)

My favorite Post: “Socially Awkward? Please Travel Alone” (That one really spoke to me!)

One Step 4 Ward

Living my dreams through 100+ countries and inspiring you to live yours”.  Johnny recently traveled to every country in the world! What an amazing travel blogger accomplishment! He is often accompanied by his 60-something-year-old mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few years ago. While he’s traveling the world, he focuses on making a difference along the way and sometimes organizes humanitarian trips in developing countries.

My favorite post: “Taking My Mum to Afghanistan for a Holiday” (I seriously doubt my “Mum” would join me there!)

Nomadic Matt

 “Travel better. Cheaper. Longer.” Like Adventurous Kate, Matt recently gave up the full-time traveler nomadic lifestyle for a tiny bit of “normal”. His successes over the past decade have translated into a book “Travel the World on $50 a Day”. I love that his writing is very open and brutally honest.

My favorite post: “The Challenges of Being a Gay Solo Backpacker”

Lili’s Travel Plans

Liesbeth is passionate about travel and focuses on  “diving head first into the great adventure that is life”. She loves to entertain her fans with her misadventures on the road. Since I’ve fallen on my face more than once, I appreciate a good misadventure story. Her stories are real and her writing is honest and hysterical.

My favorite post: “(Not so) Glamorous Moments on the Road”

Trip GIF

These “Top Ten Influential Travel Bloggers” have provided inspiration to do my own thing in the blogosphere. I live on the edge and have become even more comfortable pushing out of my comfort zone.  

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone...

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14 Replies to “My Top 10 Most Influential Travel Bloggers in the World List”

  1. Thank you so much!! This made my night- from never making a list to making two in a month this is incredible!! I love that you have been encouraged in any way by us- that is the goal of our blog!! Roars to you!!

    1. You’re so welcome! It’s been so great bonding with the over-40 crowd! Keep on trekking!!

  2. I’m so honored to be included with such great travel bloggers! thank you!

    1. I actually stumbled across your blog last month and loved it. And then your house-sitting article came out at a perfect time since I’m researching that right now. I joined Trusted Housesitters and will be traipsing through Europe early next year!

  3. WOW! Lovely surprise 🙂 you made my day Andi thank you so much for including me in your favourites, its my first ever “made it too” list as well! I’m pleased we have connected and really hope we can meetup somewhere on our next adventure 🙂

    1. Congratulations on making your first “list” – and this is a very prestigious one! 🙂 It would be so great if we bumped into each other in some dark corner of the world! My 2017 is still mostly unplanned, so you never know!

  4. Aaaauuuuwh Andi, thank you so much for putting me on your list! I’m really honored 🙂

    1. You scored style points for sharing the “real” unglamourous side of travel, sharing the times you’ve fallen on your face. And you’re a damn good writer too! 🙂

  5. Wow, thank you so much for including me! It’s so motivating to be featured with some of my blogging heroes 🙂 honestly an altogether solid list for anyone seeking inspiration! Though I doubt we met on a Facebook group for over 40 bloggers… I’ve still got a decade and a half to go before reaching that milestone! 😉

    1. Sorry for including you in the over-40! I’ll edit that right away! Maybe it was in another blogging group? Either way, you’re an inspiration! 🙂

  6. Andi. Big love! I feel akward being at the top, can you push me down a few 😛 Thank you so much, these kind words always mean the world AND thats my favourite post too… but no one reads it 🙁

    🙂 See you on the road soon!

    1. Oh Dan, you’ll always be #1 on my list! Just accept it and embrace the challenge! 🙂 That favorite post was actually the inspiration for my “Bucket List Guilt” story. Maybe someday we’ll bump into each other in a dark, smoky bar in some random village and I’ll buy you a drink…

  7. What a great idea for a post, loved reading your take on people’s blogs. Since we started blogging we’ve made connections with other bloggers who inspire us and now definitely have our favourites too! Look forward to checking out all these blogs you’ve recommended later.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! I think it’s great that every blogger has their own style and there’s enough room in the blogosphere for all of us! I’ve learned so much from the bloggers on my list and continue to be inspired by them. I look forward to reading your list someday soon!

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