Humans of the World – meet Bob Policastro of Angela’s House

I was a naïve 20-something inexperienced world-traveler when Bob and I first met. We had a shared fascination with Nepal, so we organized a group of 4 other adventurous souls and explored the country. We spent a few weeks dodging rhinos from a dugout canoe, trekking Annapurna south, and bartering Read more

Mae Hong Son Loop – Northern Thailand’s Best Ride

Since moving to Taiwan a few years ago, my primary transportation is my scooter and weekends are often spent cruising mountain roads and exploring small villages. This newfound love of riding has opened up new doors when exploring other areas of Asia and especially northern Thailand and the Mae Read more

Expat Tales – Chapter 2…Mekong River

Expat Tales: Chapter 2 (the continuing saga of what happened after I quit my job…)

Growing up during the Vietnam War, I remember hearing stories of “boat people” escaping from the destruction of their country. Some of those Vietnamese refugees even settled in my small hometown and I remember being … Read more

A Chiang Mai Spa Review – and Why I Put Panties on My Head

One of the best parts of traveling in Asia is the ridiculously cheap prices for “beautification” treatments – cheap massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. It’s wonderful spending a few hours pampering for a fraction of US prices. In the US, I consider it an occasional splurge. When traveling in Asia, Read more

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