Flashbacks – Hawaii’s Dragon Boat…facing danger, fears, and tears

It’s Dragon Boat time in Taiwan, and in most Chinese-speaking countries- a holiday commemorating the life and death of the legendary Chinese scholar Qu Yuan. Races are raced, rice dumplings are eaten, wine is drunk, and everyone enjoys a 4-day weekend. It’s kind of the unofficial start of summer here … Read more

Bucket List Guilt – and why I’m one of the lucky ones

A few months ago, a friend was making her bucket list over coffee, and as I sipped my latte and listened to her list, I kept thinking – “been there, done that”. I realized again how incredibly fortunate I’ve been to have made life choices allowing me to travel the … Read more

Throwback Thursday – Tea Time in Sikkim

Dzongri, Sikkim. November, 2000

After a week of action-packed white water rafting on the remote Tamur River in eastern Nepal, our group of intrepid adventurers dwindled down to just three – me, my friend Patty, and her husband Jack. For us, two weeks in Nepal trekking and white water rafting … Read more

Travel Reflections of an Aging Backpacker – 30 years in the business

It’s a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Chiang Mai and I’m sitting in a quirky café, snacking on a rubbery banana pancake and a monster sized iced latte. It’s a perfect spot for people-watching, my favorite spectator sport while traveling. I’ve just finished another cheap pedicure, indulging in more selfish pampering Read more

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