Bucket List Guilt – and why I’m one of the lucky ones

A few months ago, a friend was making her bucket list over coffee, and as I sipped my latte and listened to her list, I kept thinking – “been there, done that”. I realized again how incredibly fortunate I’ve been to have made life choices allowing me to travel the … Read more

Time to Escape the Threat of “The Donald”? Here’s how…

I recently read an article on CNN.com regarding the potential Vice Presidential candidates who may be asked to run on a Trump ticket. Most don’t want it. Some have even responded with a “Hahahahahahaha!”. Now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have both dropped out, it looks like it’ll be … Read more

Expat Confessions – a spotlight on the “Cons”


My recent article about the reasons Expats choose Taiwan  included glowing reviews of the friendly people, great medical care, and wonderful food. And life in Taiwan really is good, but it’s not all sunshine, roses and butterflies every single day. The reality is, sometimes life is inconvenient and people … Read more

Nine Reasons Expats Choose Taiwan – advice to my “imaginary fan”

Why Taiwan?
When my younger sister was very young, she had a couple of imaginary friends who lived in the front closet and she named them Shawn and Mindy. Many years later, I now have an “imaginary fan” named “Jennifer”. She sent me an email a few days ago from … Read more

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